Design and Production of Data-Display Facilities

Since 2006, the FRPC JSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ has implemented the design and production of data-display facilities, that are special-purpose active-matrix liquid-crystal video-monitors with screen diagonal of 8-52” and intelligent data-display facilities.

With different modifications, our video-modules have additional functions, such as touch input, tuning and thermoregulation control feature. They have shown high-performance characteristics in vibration- and impact-resistance, low-power consumption, quality of image, temperature mode, and support of TV-format.

Since 2011, we have developed qualitatively new computer aids – intelligent data-display facilities, represented by a flat-panel computer, IP-videophone, computation module featured with X-server. The use of these technical facilities allows increasing the product functionality while decreasing mass-dimensional characteristics.

The family of intelligent data-display facilities.

The assembling of data-display facilities is arranged in a certified ‘clean’ production-room, which meets the requirements for clean production-rooms of the ISO 8 GOST R ISO 14644.

All the developed equipment has the high exposure-resistance and strength tested at up-to-date test-benches as per the requirements of the GOST RV 20.39.304-98, GOST 14254-96, GOST V 25803-91.

We are performing continuous inclusion of newly-developed technical facilities into lists of series-produced and prospective basic facilities of the military equipment for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Currently, fourteen models of our video-monitors have been included into the permissive list of the Coordination Target Program ‘Integratsiya-SVT-2015’ (program for integration of computer aids), and two models – into ‘MOP 44001.09-2012’ (intertype restrictive list).


Chief of Research-and-Production Complex Oleg E. Stepanov:
phone: +7(8422) 262 254 fax: +7 (8422) 262 961

Chief of Research Laboratory for Design and Production of Modules and Computer Aids Marat A. Muftyakhitdinov:
phone: +7 (8422) 262 999

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Video-Modules Characteristics