Computer Systems.VK-XX Devices

Purpose The Computer Systems are designed to build servers of different purposes, to be used within computer-aided packages, which are installed at fixed and mobile C2 centers and operations posts.

Design features

The Computer Systems are represented by the following models:

  • - the VK-O (failure-resistant).It is designed to equip computer-aided packages of fixed day-to-day and main CPs;
  • - the VK-R (reserved). It is designed to equip computer-aided packages of fixed day-to-day CPs.

The VK-O and VK-R are multi-computer systems by their architecture. The computers of the Computer Systems are interconnected by LAN. The network in the Computer Systems is implemented on two independent switches.

The equipment of the Computer System are mounted inside a cabinet with a door for one-sided access from the front. Inside the cabinet the components of the product are fixed on guides.

Basic functions and technical characteristics.
  • - Performing computational tasks (processing, storage and gathering of received data) and redundancy of computing operation.
  • - Monitoring of technical state of the Computer Systems, diagnostics for the functioning of the Computer System componets and possibility of output of data on technical state of both components and the Computer Systems as a whole to a special diagnostic - network backbone.
  • - Control of power up/down: local, remote, via diagnostic network.
  • - Protection against unauthorized access to technical, information resources of the Computer Systems.

The VK-O 301.P.2 is a computer system designed on basis of two DL380G5-family servers and external memory on basis of HPSW MSA-1000 failure-resistant data storage system. The external storage unit (RAID – array) ensures an organisation of common disk space for servers with stored data protection against loss. The VK-O.301.P.2 is a high-performance system, and used to build corporate-level servers.

The VK-O.301.O.3 is a computer system designed on basis of components of industrial version. The VK can be used jointly with a platform that protects it against environmental factors exposure, and designed to build middle-level servers. To provide the protection against seismic-shock exposure, the cabinet of the VK-O.301.O.3 bears on a platform with shock mounts. To provide steady state position of the Computer System, four shock mounts, located on the rear wall of the cabinet, are provided.

The VK-R.302.P.2 is a computer system designed on basis of the HP components, Pro Liant servers of ML110 – ML150 family.

Parameter Value
VK-O.301.P.2 VK-O.301.O.3 VK-R.302.P.2 VK-01-I
Computing unit:
- number, pcs. 2 3 2
clock frequency, GHz, no less than 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.4
- RAM capacity, Gb, no less than 4 4 4 2
- HDD capacity, Gb, no less than (R-availability of disk RAID-array) 146х6 (R) 600 (R) 600 (R) 80 (SSD)
Number of interface channels:
- Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-TX, pcs. 2 2 2 2
- RS-232, pcs. 1 1 1 4
- USB, pcs. 2
External storage unit
- type of data storage system HPSW MSA 1000
- total HDD capacity, Gb, no less than (failure-resistant disk RAID-array)

Network equipment:
- type and number of switches, pcs. Cisco Catalyst 2950T-24, 2
External interfaces:
- Ethernet 10/100 Base - TX, pcs.
22 х 2 22 х 2 22 х 2 8
Monitoring and control facilities:
- functions: monitoring of technical state;
control of temperature mode;
monitoring of unauthorized access;
control of power up/down of components by the DN channel;
control of
- interface of diagnostic network, pcs. RS-485, 1
Operator's console:
- monitor size, inch, no less than 15
- interface of switches SVGA/PS/2
Operating system Linux, MSVS
Parameters of power supply:
- voltage, V
- frequency, Hz
- power consumption, W, no more than

198 – 242
49 – 51

198 – 242
49 – 51

198 – 242
49 – 51

192 – 242
49 – 51
- width, mm
- depth, mm
- height, mm




Weight, kg, no more than 250 235 (270*) 200 15