Radar Video Switch (181X Devices)

Purpose The Device of this product line (small-sized design version) is designed for receiving of radar data via main and standby channels, their conversion into digital format, digital processing, filtering and representation on display units.

Basic functions and technical characteristics
  • -Interface to Radar via two raw radar information channels, simultaneous and independent conversion of video signals into digital format.
  • - Filtering of digitized radar data by amplitude, duration and L/M-K criterion separately for each channel.
  • - Indication of available synchronization signals via main and standby channels on embedded indication and control panel.
  • - Simulation of signals from Radar in Test mode.
  • - Setting and control of filtering criteria by Ethernet 100 Base-Т interface separately for each channel.
  • - Automatic change to reserve power-supply source on basis of PoE technology as per IEEE 802.3af protocol.

The device allows its use in various climatic conditions
Parameter Value
Mains voltage, V 18 32
Power consumption
from primary network, W, not more than

Device dimensions (WxDxH), mm 400 х 480 х 200
Weight, kg, not more than 20

The following software modules for radar-processors (RPs) can be supplied together with the Device:

  • 1. ‘Setting and Control of Filtering Criteria for RPs, RP Operating Modes’;
  • 2. ‘Display of Raw Radar Data’ (designed to output digitized raw radar data onto video monitor)’;
  • 3. ‘Tracking of Surface Object’;
  • 4. ‘Fusion’ (designed to identify automatically information on objects by data incoming from multiple sources).