Shared Display

Purpose The Shared Display is designed to display data during control and decision-making, output of instructions, monitoring of made-decison execution and analysis of data on current and predicted processes. The Shared Dipslay is used to equip decision-making centers (situation centers).

Design features

The Shared Display (VideoWall) is a compound screen on basis of video monitors, and consists of 46” video cubes (from 1 to 32 in number). The video monitors are combined in the form-factor on basis of a frame, and installed on a support. The control is performed by a video processor, on which image is generated. The video processor allows to display data from different types of sources on the compound screen (see the table of monitor parameters below).

Basic functions and technical features
  • - Display of warning signals..
  • - Visualization of order output, monitoring of order receiving.
  • - Display of reference data and results of information and calculation task solution.
The video processor and software run under the control of the Linux operating system.
Technical parameters (integral characteristics of the display with 12 videomonitors)
Parameter Value
Number of video monitors, pcs. 12 (4 х 3)
Size of shared display image field, mm 5,464 х 2,304
Resolution, pixel 1,366 х 768
Brightness, cd/m, no less than 700
Dynamic contrast 40,000 : 1
Viewing angle: - horizontal, deg., no less than ±178
- vertical, deg., no less than ±178
Response time, ms 8
Interface of information input VGA / DVI /HDMI
Operating ambient temperature, ˚С 0 – 40
Permissible air humidity at operating, % 10 – 80
MTBF, h 5,000
Power consumption, W, no more than 3,120
Dimensions, W х H х D, mm 4,102.8 х 2,400 х 600
Weight, kg, not more than 346