Portable Control Console

PurposeThe Portable Control Console is designed to enable an operator to work using packages of computer-aided means and to ensure tracking and management of objects in the real-time mode.

Parameter Value
Mains voltage, V 220 (via external power adapter)
Power supply frequency, Hz 50 (via external power adapter)
Power consumption, W 100
Reference voltage, V from 14 to 36 (from built-in lithium ion accumulator battery and direct-current mains)
Design type Notebook-type PC (based on ETX solution)
Upgrade installation of PMCs
Central processing unit, type, no worse than
CPU clock, MHz, no less than
Cache level, MB, no less than
Intel X86 Core 2Duo
2; 4
RAM capacity, GB, no less than 2
The amount of video memory, Mb, no less 256
Video-memory capacity, Mb, no less than 120
LCD-TFT monitor:
- Diagonal, inch
- Resolution, dot, no less than
- Color-reproduction quality, bit, no less than
- Brightness, cd/m2, no less than
- Contrast, no less than
- Horizontal viewing angle, deg., no less than
- Vertical viewing angle, deg., no less than
- Illumination, type

1,280 х 1,024
± 70
± 50
Number of key buttons on keyboard, pcs. 82
Key button illumination with brightness control
Trackball built-in
Equipment for protection against unauthorized access based on hardware and software units of trusted load assisted by touch-memory for access permission
Video output for connection of external monitor (display of the second video image)
Audio output, microphone input
Number of interface channels:
- Ethernet 10/100/1000 «twisted pair», pcs.
- Ethernet 10/100 «twisted pair», pcs.
- USB 2.0, pcs.
- RS232, ‘0’-modem, galvanic isolation, pcs.
- RS422, pcs.

Dimensions (WхHхD), mm:
- transportation
- operation

383 х 78 х 348
383 х 352 х 521
Weight, kg 10