Procurement Regulations of the FRPC JSC “RPA “Mars”

Procurement Details

Procurement details are placed on the Russian Federation official web-site on the Internet telecoms network to place information about orders for goods, work, and services (

  • ─ Procurement Regulations of the FRPC JSC “RPA “Mars”;
  • ─ Plan of the FRPC JSC “RPA “Mars” for Goods (Work, Services) Procurement for a Successive Calendar Year with Amendments;
  • ─ Notices about Procurement Procedures; Protocols Completed when Carrying out a Procurement Procedure;
  • ─ Reporting Documents on the Concluded Contracts;
  • ─ Information about Contracts.

E-Procurement is carried out on the “Sberbank-AST” Uniform Trading Floor, “Procurement as per 223-FZ” trading section (

Surplus Sell-Off